Welcome to the world of Subaeria, now available on Steam Early Access!

Subaeria is an intense action puzzler with roguelike-elements where players use their wits to manipulate their enemies into destroying each other.


  • Pit your enemies against one another and the environment to defeat them.

  • Use skills equipped to your drone to influence your robot ennemies and Styx.

  • Every room is a puzzle to be solved with the skills you have on hand.

  • Unlock different skills, buffs and skins at each playthrough

  • Explore a new labyrinth at every play session.


Styx_pastille (1)


Styx is a young girl living in the slums of Subaeria. Subaeria’s overlord, Don Dorf, sentenced her entire family to death. Unable to save them, she barely escaped with her life. Now she’s out for revenge. She must fight her way through the city, reach Dorf’s Presidential suite, and put an end to his tyranny. Once and for all.

Dorf_pastille (1)

Don Dorf

Don Dorf is the President of Subaeria, he has gained and maintains his position through sheer ruthlessness. His army of Cleaners is always ready to do his bidding and ensure his continued dominion.  He’ll stop at nothing to maintain his power and won’t hesitate to squash any who stand in his way.



Cleaners are omnipresent in Subaeria. They serve both as janitorial robots and security enforcers, cleaning out the filth. Though they all heed the orders of the president, they belong to different security companies. Competition is tough, and one unit won’t hesitate to destroy a Cleaner belonging to another firm.


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