All roads lead to the next room


In my previous post I explored how I approached level art at a high level. This time, I’ll explain the method that I use to decorate one room in Subaeria….

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Getting Greenlit in less than a week on Steam Greenlight


If you’re here to figure out the best strategy to be greenlit, let me squash your hopes before we get started. I don’t fully understand how we got Greenlit. I…

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Art direction, and why it’s important


In a big production such as Subaeria, a story driven videogame that unfolds in a unique world, you need an art direction that transcends the project visually. The look of…

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TCAF Round-up


While presenting Subaeria at the Toronto Comics and Arts Festival we had the opportunity to meet awesome people and play some truly great games by fellow canadian developers. We’ve created…

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Generating content in a procedural labyrinth

In my previous blog post, we had focused on how labyrinths are procedurally generated, and what type of constraints game design bestows upon us. Today, it’s time to look into…

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Level Art: Mixing form and function

After a short intro to level art, I wanted to explore more thoroughly the creation of an environment in Subaeria. I’m not an architect -and probably never will be-, but this…

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The four playable characters of Subaeria

In Subaeria,  you’ll have a chance to play the game as 4 different characters with their unique agendas, interweaving storylines and multiple endings. They all come from different backgrounds and…

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Reconciling Procedural Labyrinth Generation and Narrative

     Procedural generation is popular amongst independent developers, and for good reason: It allows the almost infinite generation of new content, and, with the help of well established rules, allows a…

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6 people and 1 game at PAX

After spending about 10 months working on Subaeria, we decided to take the game to PAX to have people try it out. So the 6 of us made the trip…

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Level Art 101

     Level art is a bit like interior design: We put some colors on the walls, arrange the furniture, and fix up everything so that it looks nice. Concretely, the…

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