A year ago, we here at Illogika studios started work on our first original title, Subaeria, a story-driven Procedural Death Labyrinth set in a colorful dystopia. We’ve been building the game ever since and we’re really excited to show you all that we’ve done! We started this dev log to keep track of the progress we’ve made and keep you updated on all our development as we approach the release of the game.

The world of Subaeria

So first let us introduce you to what Subaeria is. It’s a Procedural Death Labyrinth where you have to use your wits to overcome obstacles and defeat enemies by turning them on each other. The game will feature 4 playable characters. Each of the decisions you make as one of them will impact the life and fate of the others. They have their own conflicting agendas and diverse backgrounds, but, what unites them is that they’re all pushing back against the rigid social order of Subaeria, in their own way. The enforcers of this order are the Cleaners. They indiscriminately destroy anyone who tries to venture outside of the zone that Subaerian society has assigned to them.

Our first playable character is a young woman named Styx. In the world of Subaeria, there are the haves and the have-nots, and Styx recently became one of the have-nots. She lost her home to a democratic vote that deemed her too unproductive and is now being pursued by Cleaners.  She has one chance to find a new home for herself and her family, but she’ll have to survive the Cleaners first. Styx’s story will take her through all of Subaeria, and will cause her to cross paths with the 3 other playable characters.


In the past few months we’ve not only been busy crafting our rich world and story, but also developing high intensity gameplay.

An intense challenge 

We’ve upped the level of mayhem through the entire game, which was already pretty crazy. It recently got a MASSIVE difficulty boost.  Even the developers are feeling the heat and having to battle through each room. A few hits from the cleaners is enough to end the player, so strategic thinking is not only recommended, it’s required to keep on playing. Permadeath is one of the most important feature. Failing is not an option as you can never take a crack at the same labyrinth twice.

Skill-combo gameplay

To give players a fighting chance against the Cleaners, Styx is equipped with a Drone. Throughout the labyrinths of Subaeria, skills called Drone Apps are placed at random. These Apps can be picked up by players and installed on their Drone. Varying types of Apps can influence enemies, change the environment or even affect the character. The effects of 2 Drone Apps can be combined to create an entirely different power and wreak havoc among the Cleaners.

We’ve made a lot of headway lately with Subaeria and expect to make a lot more in the next few months. In the mean time we’ll keep you updated right here as well as on our twitter @subaeria and our mailing list here