All roads lead to the next room


In my previous post I explored how I approached level art at a high level. This time, I’ll explain the method that I use to decorate one room in Subaeria….

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Getting Greenlit in less than a week on Steam Greenlight


If you’re here to figure out the best strategy to be greenlit, let me squash your hopes before we get started. I don’t fully understand how we got Greenlit. I…

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TCAF Round-up


While presenting Subaeria at the Toronto Comics and Arts Festival we had the opportunity to meet awesome people and play some truly great games by fellow canadian developers. We’ve created…

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The four playable characters of Subaeria

In Subaeria,  you’ll have a chance to play the game as 4 different characters with their unique agendas, interweaving storylines and multiple endings. They all come from different backgrounds and…

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6 people and 1 game at PAX

After spending about 10 months working on Subaeria, we decided to take the game to PAX to have people try it out. So the 6 of us made the trip…

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Welcome to Subaeria!

A year ago, we here at Illogika studios started work on our first original title, Subaeria, a story-driven Procedural Death Labyrinth set in a colorful dystopia. We’ve been building the…

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