In Subaeria,  you’ll have a chance to play the game as 4 different characters with their unique agendas, interweaving storylines and multiple endings. They all come from different backgrounds and are as diverse as people are in reality. We don’t want to present a single view of a perfect hero who is the incarnation of everything good, as has been done over, and over again. It’s more nuanced than that, there aren’t evil and good characters, just people with their own agendas and preoccupations, trying to survive in this strange world. These people aren’t fighters either, they can’t go in guns blazing and shoot down all their enemies. As a matter of fact, there are no guns in Subaeria. Players have to learn how to use their environment and their enemies to progress while playing in the shoes of this band of misfits.

Here is a quick presentation of these four characters, their backstories, though to learn more about their motivations, you might have to wait a bit for Subaeria to launch:

subaeria_04(From left to right)

Don Dorf

A man of the people, Don Dorf started his career at the very bottom and quickly rose to prominence. After starting and selling his companies, he made the switch to a political career, and encountered immediate success. After 8 years spent ruling Subaeria, his luck may finally be turning, as word of corruption within the elites spreads throughout the city.


Hailing from the lowest levels of the ocean, Arezou lost her parents when they rebelled against Subaerian domination. She has dedicated her life to being a priestess, sharing her faith with other lost souls. Struggling with poverty and hunger, she chose to make her way up, to Subaeria and better fortunes.


Leader of the Subaerian revolutionaries and a gifted hacker, Antonio has been fighting destabilize the elites and corporations crushing the people. He has been hiding for years in districts of Subaeria now abandoned, where even Cleaners don’t go. But word on the street is that he will hide no more.


After a tragic accident that cost the life of her mother,and crippled her father, Styx had to step up and work twice as hard to make sure her family remained productive. Yet, despite her best efforts, her family keeps on lagging behind the set productivity quotas. She dreams of a better life, which may be within her grasp.

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