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All roads lead to the next room


In my previous post I explored how I approached level art at a high level. This time, I’ll explain the method that I use to decorate one room in Subaeria….

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Getting Greenlit in less than a week on Steam Greenlight


If you’re here to figure out the best strategy to be greenlit, let me squash your hopes before we get started. I don’t fully understand how we got Greenlit. I…

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Level Art: Mixing form and function

After a short intro to level art, I wanted to explore more thoroughly the creation of an environment in Subaeria. I’m not an architect -and probably never will be-, but this…

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The four playable characters of Subaeria

In Subaeria,  you’ll have a chance to play the game as 4 different characters with their unique agendas, interweaving storylines and multiple endings. They all come from different backgrounds and…

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Level Art 101

     Level art is a bit like interior design: We put some colors on the walls, arrange the furniture, and fix up everything so that it looks nice. Concretely, the…

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